Light Sensitive Emulsion

The Light sensitive emulsion paintings are a series of ‘Memory Scapes’ which explore landscape and history, memory, time and place. These mixed media works fuse light sensitive photo emulsion with traditional oil painting on canvas. Using wet photography processes and working from analogue negatives, I have exposed these black and white memories onto canvas, fused between layers of oil painting. These works function as ‘Memory Mirrors’, moving from monochrome to colour, reflecting on memory traces, light and time.

“By trapping the chemical skin of photography between the layers of paint List develops a dynamic dialogue between the two modes of representation. We must remember that these are not just silk-screened images, but actual photographs, the canvas – that most traditional support for oil painting – has actually been coated with photographic emulsion and exposed to the image in the dark-room, developed, washed and fixed; the delimiting aspects of photography are smuggled into the conventional arena of the easel painting, while at the same time the denotative signifiers of oil-painting trap in their wafer-thin interstice the veneer of photography. This praxis is in opposition to that of the photorealist painter whose “subject” is the photograph itself. “

Richard Dyer © 2002 ‘Ditto Ditto’ Solo show, catalogue text Sublime / (sub)liminal: dicing with doubles and shadow-play in the work of Caroline List: funded by Chelsea School of Art & Design