Recent Exhibitions

2024   Extempore 24  (group show various media) at Tension Fine Art, Penge, South London

EXHIBITIONS – Extempore 24

2024   Flatland – Side Show Lethaby Gallery, University of the Arts -Central Saint Martins School of Art & Design, London

2024 ‘Small Is Beautiful’  – FLOWERS Gallery   Mayfair, London

2024  Passing Winter Laurent Delaye  Gallery, Ramsgate , Kent

2023  Summer Exhibition   Laurent Delaye Gallery Ramsgate , Kent

December – 2023 Jan 2024

FLOWER Gallery, London, Cork street  ‘Small Is Beautiful’. 41st edition. group show

July 2023

Laurent Delaye gallery Ramsgate,UK

Summer Show – Light Tondo, light box works

July 2023

Ruskin gallery Cambridge 

The New Accelerator exhibition, aims to establish a dialogue between a range of artists who have reflected advances in technology through reductive, minimal, architectonic or geometric approaches.

2023 March – April  

‘The New Accelerator’ Exhibition

Ruskin Gallery, Anglia Ruskin University campus, Cambridge.

Exhibiting Artists:

Katrina Blannin, Eric Butcher, Sandra Crisp, Natalie Dower, Tim Ellis, Julia Farrer, Árpád Forgo, Hanz Hancock + Patrick Morrissey, Stephen Jaques, Hans Kotter, Caroline List, George Meyrick, Ian Monroe, Jeremy Morgan, Laurence Noga, Milly Peck, playpaint, Carol Robertson, Sarah Sparkes, Benet Spencer, Trevor Sutton, Trisant (Julian Hughes Watts), Kate Terry, April Virgoe, Adia Wahid, Mary Yacoob  

Co-curated by:

Hanz Hancock & Patrick Morrissey   (Saturation Point) Laurence, Noga          Benet Spencer

The New Accelerator, a short story by H.G. Wells from 1901, addresses technological development, introducing a new perception of reality through a tonic which has the effect of slowing the world’s rotation. Taking the same name, The New Accelerator exhibition, aims to establish a dialogue between a range of artists who have reflected advances in technology through reductive, minimal, architectonic or geometric approaches. This story chimes with the editing process and focus through which abstract artists construct their images, using processes based on limitation, a single element, or through repetition or extension. Working with various partner organisations and individuals, the project identifies an interaction between art, science, science fiction and systems. Through presenting 27 contrasting artist’s practices, the exhibition, along with symposium and catalogue essays, will address points of connection and departure within these key areas.

The discourse surrounding Geometrical and Systems based art remains rooted in 1960s and early 1970s zeitgeist for purity, through clarity of thought and articulation, and as an extension of earlier Modernist dialogues. Conventionally located often as related to painting or other physical processes of construction such as sculpture or wall-based reliefs, The New Accelerator exhibition profiles a wider range of work, such as digital generative simulation or 3d video animation, which are presented alongside work that continues to explore media such as oil or acrylic on canvas, 3d relief constructions and installation.

Drawing upon key works within the Fitzwilliam Museum collection, such as Jeffrey Steele’s Sg III 103 (1988), and with Cambridge’s position as a hub of scientific and mathematical innovation taken as a starting point, the project aims to draw attention to the surrounding discourse, and how this connects with a wider range of contemporary artists working in diverse media, whilst locating their work in context of science or science fiction. 

November 2022

FLOWERS Gallery, London, Cork street  ‘Small Is Beautiful’. 40th edition. group show

October 2022

Group Exhibition @mariejosegallery, Kensington, London 

Caroline List: Colour Suspension Sculpture & Shape Chroma Painting – oil on linen 


Alone | All One
Ironically, the origin of the word alone is from the Middle English all oon, meaning all one, contracted from the Old English eall ān, meaning entirely alone. As though a loop could be formed, from unison to separation, and back from separation to unison again. This exhibition invites viewers to explore the thin line that separates isolation from connectedness, both emotionally and physically, and how this oddity has been interpreted visually by four contemporary artists.

Caroline List’s inquiry into colour and illusory space generates rich conversations within her sculptures and paintings, that play with the push and pull of picture plane, form and ground. She creates often dichotomous compositions with surreal spatial visual horizons, where the shapes and colours utilised can be assembled and disassembled, as though singular entities were divided and multiplied to give birth to new ones.

Charlie Haydn Taylor’s work evokes a sense of contemplation and seclusion, where the lines between the fiction and reality collide. 

Harry Rüdham’s oeuvre forms a stylised observation of contemporary life. His main source of inspiration in the relationship between the city and rest. The figures of people he has met are abstracted, dragged and dropped into chromatic paintings that suggest the chaotic nature of contemporary life that leaves no time for reflection, rest or recuperation.

PitCa’s paintings shine a light on often overlooked issues that contemporary society, and the queer community in particular, faces every day. His themes of predilection include mental health awareness, the effects of toxic masculinity, and the behaviour observed on and provoked by the use of social media.

July 2022

Circle & Light

Laurent Delaye Gallery Group exhibition, Ramsgate 

Artist explore Geometry, abstraction and light through various media 

Curated by Alex.Hinks  at The Cello Factory, LondonPrivate view: 30th June 6-9pm 30th June – 10th July 2022

Horizon (landscape and beyond)

Landscape has been integral to artists for hundreds of years, from frescos to oil paintings and more. Horizon exhibition presents contemporary artists’ interpretation, representation and abstraction of our surroundings through a multiplicity of mediums. The apparent line that divides earth and sky is wondrous and beautiful and the endless possibilities of presenting the world around us will never cease to amaze and influence us. Having been confined throughout the pandemic, our new-found freedom is now inspiring us further to explore the landscape and beyond.

Exhibiting Artist 

Alex Booker, Daryl Brown, Ian Dawson, Benjamin Deakin, Natalie Dowse, Ann Grim, Kirsty Harris, Alexander Hinks, Adam King, Peter Lamb, Caroline List, Hannah Luxton, Robyn Litchfield, Darren Nisbett, Perdita Sinclair, Mimei Thompson, Jane Ward, Eleanor May Watson, Alice Wilson, Joanna Whittle, Sue Williams A’Court, David Wiseman, Gail Seres-Woolfson.

October 2021

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Preview on Artlyst – Text by Art Critic /author/ poet, Sue Hubbard 2021

Three person show :


Caroline List /Katrina Blannin / Laurence Noga 

TENSION Fine Art September 2021  17th Sept – 16th October 

‘SHAPE CHROMA’ is a trialogue between three painters whose formal inquiry into shape, colour and spatial illusion is presented in three different material approaches and methodologies. The three artists explore the interrelationships between chromatic interaction; constructed space; illusionistic space and composition in a conversation with early European Modernist abstract painting and current digital information age influences. The constructed space of painting is playfully reconfigured in a set of new visual dialogues which reference both historical and 21st Century influences.

This timely show takes a meta-Modernistic approach – looking back in order to move forward. The re-shaping of colour, represented through perfect and imperfect arrangements, re-examines the push and pull of the picture plane; and the choice of support and surface materiality further comments on the rich history of geometric abstraction, which has inspired and informed all three artists – their aim is not to repeat familiar tropes but to find new systems of making and new ways to re-present colour and form.

Dirty Pink  – Group Show July 2021 – Spain / Valencia 


13 International Female Artists to exhibit their work in innovative art show entitled: “DIRTY PINK”

All-female show with artists responding to the colour pink, at The Sporting Club Russafa, a cutting-edge contemporary art space in Valencia.

DIRTY PINK curated by Tina McCallan


Participating artists
Alex Baker /Emma Shapiro /Josie McCoy /Katrina Blannin /Marie Julou*  Bay Backner  Caroline List /Celia Kettle /Sandi Goodwin /Ashley Davies /Francesca Ricci / K.L. Brown /Lauren Moffatt  

  ‘Dirty Pink’ is an exhibition of 13 International Artists responding to the controversial colour Pink.  Over the centuries, society’s perception of the colour has changed, at times being considered feminine, erotic, kitsch, sophisticated or transgressive. 

According to Valerie Steele the author of “Pink: the history of a Punk, Pretty, Powerful Colour”, The 150-year-old notion of pink as synonymous with fragile femininity is being challenged. People have taken new stances towards it. We’ve seen the rise of millennial pink as an ‘It’ hue, but also its appropriation by feminists around the world as a powerful, socio-political mark”. It’s this appropriation which fascinates curator Tina McCallan. The work in the show either openly embraces the colour pink or embodies the pink attitude.  As well as confronting the colour pink, the artists deal with a variety of themes:Perfection and imperfection, be it the mathematical perfection in the abstract works of Katrina Blannin, in Maximillian # 101 and 102”, bases her abstract works on the mathematical formulas of the Old Masters or the colour perfection of Caroline List, for example in, “Chromascape Scarlet Green” uses complimentary colour gradients to refer to Modernist abstraction and representational languages. Illusory perfection can be seen in the iridescent



 Solo show, Angus-Hughes Gallery, Clapton, London.

Exhibition dates 16 June – 8 

Caroline List – text 

In these recent paintings and light works Caroline List explores formal compositions through colour contrast and light. The surface and colour within her work sets up a spatial language, a visual tension between flatness, illusory space and chromatic value. These mixed media works play with the simulation of space within painting, creating a dialogue between the ….. original painting and its virtual reproduction. This is particularly relevant in a time when the viewer’s experience of ‘Art’ is often seen through the interface of the screen.

Light Chroma Green fuchsia, oil & acrylic on panel  70cm diameter

Light Chroma Caroline List

Light Chroma Green fuchsia, oil & acrylic on panel  70cm diameter

Light Chroma Caroline List

Light Chroma Green Tondo, led light box perspex & wood    80cm diameter

Colour relationships are explored through tonal gradations and complementary contrast. Colour theorist such as Michael Eugene Chevreul (1786 – 1889) whose writings on simultaneous colour contrast influenced many painters throughout art history, have informed some of the colour conversations in Light Chroma.

David Batchelor writes in ‘The Luminous and the Grey’ (2014) about the velocity of colour, describing grey as suspended in space no longer white but not yet black.

‘If luminous colours are the most fleeting the most ephemeral and the most fugitive then grey is the sloth and the slug of colours’ p.69:

   Caroline List Light Chroma

Light Chroma Grey, Oil & acrylic on panel 70cm diameter

The chromatic value of the work is seen in contrast to both the monochromatic grey scale and sprayed veils of paint. Atmospheric space is in dialogue with flatness and dense blackness. These spatial horizons make reference to natural phenomena and landscape space, creating luminous visual horizons within the push and pull of the picture plane.

This inquiry into colour and light is further explored in the backlit LED Tondo light boxes, which combine painting with the illusory space of photography. These Porthole vignettes reference the selective viewpoint of the lens and the virtual space of painting. The reproduction and simulated luminosity of these backlit images question the relationship with their painted counterparts.

Many Thanks for the support of  Central Saint Martins School of Art & Design ( UAL Refresh funding )

Space Studios : Breathing Space Bursary ( Artist  Development fu, 


Geoscapes, Solo show ARTHOUSE1 Bermondsey, London.



Caroline List’s solo show ‘GEOSCAPES’ on first viewing seems to reference the tradition of ‘Romantic Sublime’ landscape painting but not exclusively within the epic romantic genre depicted by artists such as John Martin and Edwin Church. List’s work also sit within a Modernist tradition, exploring formal space, geometry and flatness. In Paintings such as ‘ Geoscape ‘ the materiality of the natural world collide with the constructed or man – made, creating dialectical landscapes which contrast order and materiality within the same picture plane. The phenomenological sublime as perceived in nature is suggested through pouring and material coagulations of paint, whilst formal geometric interventions and infinite black grounds function as framing and viewing devices, or lenses for containing these disparate natural worlds.

Caroline List recently visited Iceland where the artist observed the geological natural landscape in contrast to geo-thermal technological structures, these ideas are further explored in the ‘Geoscapes’ series where the artist layers the language of sublime landscape with the formalism of modernism, oscillating between beauty, terror and the technological sublime.


Previous Solo Show 

Portals of Phenomena, MM Gallery, Eaton Square, London


Silent Witnesses, Seven Seven Gallery, London


Memento, Gibsone Jessop Gallery, Toronto


Ditto Ditto, Catto Contemporary Gallery, Hoxton, London 


The Promise of Wholeness and Loveliness, Baraka post production, London


The Power of Taste, touring exhibition, Royal Over-Seas League, London / Edinburgh

Group shows


Dirty Pink, Curated By Tina Mccallan, @The renaissance Women’s Project, Valencia, Spain. The Sporting Club Russafa, a cutting-edge contemporary art space in Valencia.


TENSION Fine Art, London. September 2021  17th Sept – 16th October ‘SHAPE CHROMA’


Christies Auction, Group show hosted by The Art Academy, piccadilly, London.


No 20 Arts, London, islington , Summer exhibition.



Central Saint Martin’s School of Art & Design, Window Gallery group exhibition, London


Groucho Club, contemporary collection, London

Signs That Say What You Want Them To Say, Lights of London, curated by Robert Montgomery, Soho, London


Art Britannia, Miami, curated by Ben Austin

Summer Saloon, Lion and Lamb Gallery, Hoxton, London

Insomnia, The Arcane Gallery, Hoxton, London

Curated by Dave Stewart

Crash Open Salon Show, Charlie Dutton Gallery, London

Exhibiting artists selected by Mathew Collins & Fiona Macdonald

Nature in Beauty, Opus Fine Art, Stow-on-the-Wold 


Intuition/Anti-intuition, The Lion and Lamb Gallery, Hoxton, London

Curated by Lawrence Noga.

Exhibiting artists: Anthony Daley, Katie Pratt, Marta Marce, Caroline List, Raf Zawistowski, Lawrence Noga.

Surface, Colart Gallery, London

Curated by Erika Winstone.

Exhibiting artists: Julie Bennett, Charlotte Betts, Keren Dee, Brian Deighton, Gill Ingham, Anita Kavaja, Matthew Kolakowski, Caroline List, Emanuelle de la Lubie, Brian Sayers, Susan Sluglett, Chris Wilson, Erika Winstone, Maria Zahle.

Ha Ha What Does This Represent, Standpoint Gallery, Hoxton, London

Curated by Katrina Blannin & Francesca Simons.

Exhibiting artists: Dan Hays, Roger Kelly, Matthew Collins & Emma Biggs, Vanessa Jackson, Trevor Sutton, Ben Cove, Daniel Sturgis, Alex Gene Morrison, James Ryan, Stewart Geddess, Gina Medcalf, Carole Roberts, Hazel Chalk, Katrina Blannin & Francesca Simons.


Crash Open Salon Show, Charlie Dutton Gallery, London

Exhibiting artists selected by Mathew Collins, Toby Clarke, Dan Hays & Mike Silva.

China International Luxury Exhibition, Shenyang, China

Shenyang Art fair, China


Art of Living, curated by Vestalia Chilton, Knightsbridge, London

Christie’s Auction of Lehman Brothers collection, London

Unnatural Selection, Londonewcastle Project Space, London


Constructed Nature project space, Seven Seven Gallery, London Art Fair, Islington, London


Dover Street Arts Club members exhibition (first prize winner), London

TAG Fine Arts, London Art Fair

00 Nature, Contemporary Art Projects, London

Romance, the Kowalsky Gallery at DACS, London

Opus Gallery group show, Newcastle


Mist & Bells, Seven Seven Gallery ,London

Contemporary Art Projects winter show, London

London Art Fair Project Space, Seven Seven Gallery, Islington, London

Artificial Glory, Standpoint Gallery, London

Curated by Caroline List & Isabel Young.

Grotto Studio 1.1, London


Zoo Art fair, Gallery Studio 1.1

Petro Canada, corporate exhibition, London

Half Life, Fieldgate Gallery, London

Curated by Richard Ducker

Between Worlds, Sartorial Contemporary, London

Chimera, group show, Space 148b Clerkenwell, London

England’s Dreaming, British contemporary landscape painting, Bedford Row Gallery, London

Broken Romanticism, Standpoint Gallery, London

Curated by Stephen Walter.

Exhibiting artists: Gordon Cheung, Daniel Gustav Cramer, Simon Kingleyside.

London Art Fair, Islington, London, Mark Jason Fine Art


Night On Earth, Oh Art Gallery at The Oxford House, London

Curated by Harry Pye

Current Vision, Sartorial Contemporary Art, London

Exhibiting artists: Caroline List, Gavin Nolan, Isabel Young, Sigrid Holmwood, Sam Dargon,

Art London (art fair), Mark Jason Fine Art


The Horizon of Expectation, Empire Gallery, London

Curated by Caroline List.

Exhibiting artists: Gordon Cheung, Gavin Nolan, Isabel Young, Reece Jones, Jost Munster, Kounsuke Kowakame, Peter Lamb, George Doneo, Memei Thompson

Mothers (100 artists paint their mother), Oh Art Gallery at The Oxford House, London, and touring.

Curated by Harry Pye


Smog, London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

Curated by Pam Skelton


Contemporary Art Fair, Toronto

Contemporary Art Fair, London, Catto Contemporary Gallery


Contemporary Art Fair, London, Catto Contemporary Gallery


Ornament, Upstairs At The Clerks House, Shoreditch, London

Curated by Katrina Blannin

Artist Network Group Show, Cavendish Square, London


Dinosaurs’ Blood / The Body of Painting, Art in Perpetuity Trust Gallery, London

Curated by Calli Saunders.

New Images Rising: British Painters, La Capitol La Defence Paris

20/20, Kings Gate Gallery, West Hampstead, London


Royal Over-Seas League annual open painting competition (first prize winner), Piccadilly, London


The Painting Show, Ernst & Young, London


Henderson Art Wise corporate exhibition, London


Spatial Elements, Hornimann Museum, London

Academicians’ choice, The Mall Galleries, London


Contemporary Young Painters, Christie’s, London

Group painting exhibition, Nigel Greenwood Gallery, Piccadilly, London

Small Is Beautiful, Flowers East London


New Images Rising: British Painters, La Capitol La Defence Paris

New Images Rising: British Painters, La Capitol La Defence Paris

New Images Rising: British Painters, La Capitol La Defence Paris


Contemporary Art Society, Smiths Gallery, London

Two Years On, Morley Gallery, London

New Generation, Bonhams, London


Images of Paradise, Survival International auction, Harwood House, Leeds

Contemporary Art Auction, Christie’s, London


Contemporary Art Society, Covent Garden, London

The Future Famous, The Century Gallery, Fulham, London