Light Chroma

These contemporary works explore formal juxtapositions of colour, space and light with reference to natural phenomena, and sublime space. Theses paintings and light boxes are hinged between abstraction and illusory landscape. The physicality and materiality of colour within the paintings set up a spatial language, a visual tension between flatness, chromatic value and visual horizons. The light boxes ‘Light Chroma’ illuminated back- lit duratrans, fuse painting with the illusory space of photography. The circular format and the exploration of illusion through colour and light is further explored in these illuminated counterparts. The led light box works are digital reproductions of original paintings, encased in hand crafted light boxes. The circular tondo format are contemporary tondo’s which explore the phenomena of light and colour, the light boxes become virtual illuminated worlds which function as photographic counterparts to the paintings which reference the virtual screen of painting and reproduction, this is especially relevant in a time when art works are increasingly viewed through the lens and virtual platforms such as Instagram and Artsy.