Teaching / private one-to-one tuition


Caroline List teaches short courses in Mixed Media Painting at Central Saint Martins School Of Art & Design

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She also gives one to one private tuition for students who want to be taught outside of a course time table and who want to achieve a greater understanding of mixed media painting processes methods and materials

The teaching will cover:

  • Use of acrylic paints and mediums
  • Masking / stencil / collage techniques
  • Photo transfer on canvas & board
  • Mixing your own pigments
  • Wax encaustic painting for acrylic or oil
  • Oil paints & mediums and glazes
  • Use of impasto gels and high gloss alkyd resins
  • Priming, preparing & stretching canvas or board

Private tuition is available for beginners and advanced levels.

Students must have a good understanding of spoken English due to the technical nature of the teaching.

The teaching provides an opportunity for you to:

  • Learn how to prepare a support for your mixed media pieces
  • Learn how to explore your ideas as you build up materials through layers
  • Practice a range of contemporary mixed media painting techniques
  • Experiment with specialist materials
  • Explore the work of other mixed media artists

A variety of materials will be included in the teaching fee for demonstrations and experimentation purposes.

All private tuition is paid in advance before each teaching session.

Please make all inquires regarding private tuition via email at info@carolinelist.com


Caroline List


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